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Sure, Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi may have just concluded its theatrical run (and made a boatload of money for Disney and Lucasfilm in the process), but there's already another Star Wars film chambered and ready to go. That is right; we're talking about Solo: A Star Wars Story, which has defied all of its behind-the-scenes drama to make it's May 25 release date. Now director Ron Howard has taken to social media with another update on the project, and he has teased some amazing visual effects in a sprawling space battle. Check out his post, below.

We cannot glean much from that photo in terms of plot details, but it looks like Solo: A Star Wars Story will definitely play to one of the strengths of the franchise: TIE fighters blowing up in grand fashion, and laser blasts flashing through the sky. The director is currently working with Industrial Light and Magic to perfect the visual effects for his Han Solo-centric Star Wars prequel movie, and it looks like some great work is being done to make those explosions look just right. It's early, but it already seems like he is succeeding in a major way.

If nothing else, Ron Howard's tweet about the VFX process for Solo: A Star Wars Story seems to promise nothing less than some serious action when the film finally hits theaters. After all, that is kind of important. Han Solo is one of the best pilots in the Star Wars galaxy (and he will take any opportunity to say that to people), so the film needs to show us just how good he was before meeting Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker during the events of A New Hope.

Of course, one other interesting facet of that idea is whether or not Solo: A Star Wars Story will show us some of Han's most iconic exploits when the film debuts. Specifically, we are referring to the Kessel Run -- which Han famously made in less than twelve parsecs. Could this be a glimpse into something that we have heard about at some point in Han Solo's career as a smuggler, or is this just another adventure in his long history of space-based shenanigans? We will have to wait and see.

Everyone's favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder will take center stage in his own spinoff movie when Solo: A Star Wars Story debuts in theaters later this year on May 25. Stay tuned for more updates related to the project and check out our handy Solo: A Star Wars Story guide to get yourself caught up on everything that you need to know about the film before its release date rolls around next month!