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Ron Howard's Brother Revealed In New Solo: A Star Wars Image

Every director has a signature of some sort. For director Ron Howard, it's finding a place to put his brother Clint in all of his movies. Clint Howard is a sort of easter egg of Ron Howard films. He's always there, and he's often not particularly hidden, but you're always on the lookout when you're watching a Ron Howard movie. Now, the director has confirmed that his brother will appear in the next Star Wars movie, as he posted an image of his rother from the film while he sat in the editing bay of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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The image itself isn't particularly telling, it's just a guy, standing in the middle of the frame and pointing at something. If Ron Howard hadn't specifically said that the image was of his brother, it very likely could have escaped people. It doesn't necessarily look that much like him, though I admit that's mostly just because the character has a lot of hair, something Clint Howard the actor is lacking. Unless the guy in the jail cell is actually Clint Howard? It's legitimately hard to tell.

Either way, we now know that Clint Howard will continue his regular gig of showing up in movies directed by his brother. The role is obviously impossible to really determine based on this single image. It doesn't even have any of our stars in it, so there's no way to tell whether Howard's character is friend or foe to our heroes. All we know is that odds are it's a fairly small part, as he almost certainly hadn't been cast by the previous directors because that would be the world's strangest coincidence. Instead Ron Howard likely just found a small part that needed an actor and threw his brother at the job, as he does.

Clint Howard has a resume over 200 roles long, by virtue of the fact that he, like his brother, has been acting since he was a kid. He doesn't appear in every Ron Howard directed film, and he's done plenty of work outside of the roles he achieves through pure nepotism, but his cameos there are probably among his most famous roles.

This scene, whatever it is, appears to have been one of the last that needed to be edited as since it was posted Ron Howard has announced that post-production on Solo: A Star Wars Story is now complete. The movie that saw significant delays due to a change of directors in the middle of production is now apparently ready for the public, barely a month before it was set to release. We're looking forward to seeing the finished film when it arrives May 25.

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