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The Joker

Comic book movies are becoming so prevalent that you begin to worry if Hollywood may run out of actors to cast in them. Now, it appears one of our greatest actors might be up for consideration in one of those films. A new rumor indicates that Robert De Niro is being looked at for a role in the forthcoming Joker origin story movie.

I would tell you to take this was a massive grain of salt but you might want to take this one with the entire salt shaker to be safe. The rumor comes from That Hashtag Show which references an anonymous source for its information regarding eight different roles that they claim will be part of the new Joker origin story movie which has been rumored to want Joaquin Phoenix in the lead. Among the numerous character descriptions, which are, in themselves fairly vague, is the vaguest among them, a character named Murry Franklin who is described as a Caucasian between 65-75 years of age. This is the part that director Todd Philips and co-producer Martin Scorsese are apparently looking to De Niro to fill. The part is being called a significant one in the film, even though details on exactly who the character is are quite minimal compared to some of the other character descriptions that have been revealed through this same source. As a 74-year-old Caucasian, the Taxi Driver actor does technically fit the description of the character, so it is possible De Niro could take the part, though far from certain.

Robert De Niro

The idea of Robert De Niro having a major role in a movie about a comic book supervillain does seem pretty out there, but everything we've heard about the project as implied that this movie wants to be something very different than the traditional comic book movie. The fact that Martin Scorcese is attached as a producer puts the Joker movie in a class by itself already, and the frequent association between Scorcese and De Niro certainly means that seeing De Niro in the movie isn't strictly impossible.

It's not like seeing Robert De Niro act opposite The Joker would be the weirdest thing he's ever done. This is the guy who made Dirty Grandpa, after all.

Of course, just because Robert De Niro's favorite director happens to be involved in this project is far from confirmation that De Niro is actually being considered for this part, nevermind any sort of confirmation that he might take it. At this point we know very little about this Joker project, beyond the fact that it has a writer and a director, everything else is a rumor, so we'll add this one to the pile, and see what, if anything, comes of it.