Looks Like The Spawn Remake Is Getting Help From A Walking Dead Legend

Spawn in the comics

Superhero properties are continuing to be the most profitable genre in filmmaking, so there's plenty of comic book adaptations coming to the silver screen. While most of them are in behemoth properties like the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Extended Universe, there are certain franchises operating on their own. Perhaps the most obvious is Todd McFarlane's developing Spawn movie, based off the dark character he created. McFarlane will be directing and writing the project, and has enlisted talent like Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner to lead the cast. And now it looks like a major Walking Dead contributor is joining the project: makeup supervisor and director Greg Nicotero.

It's been an exciting few weeks for the Spawn movie, and things are finally moving forward as a team of cast and crew are being assembled. Now Greg Nicotero has reportedly joined the upcoming supernatural horror flick to handle the makeup. Walking Dead fans know what fantastic work he's capable of, so this is an exciting indication of what might come from Todd McFarlane's upcoming flick.

Reports of Greg Nictero's involvement in Spawn come from Omega Underground, and have yet to be officially confirmed by Todd McFarlane or anyone from the team. But it does stand to reason. After all, Nicotero actually worked on the original 1997 movie, working on animatronic creature effects and special makeup effects. Now that he's a giant success from The Walking Dead, having Nicotero's potential involvement in Spawn may help drum up more excitement for the developing movie.

A zombie in The Walking Dead

Greg Nicotero has made his long career in Hollywood, creating some of the most grisly and bloody scenes in film history. Starting with George Romano's Day of the Dead, he's been involved in every bloody project from Tarantino's Kill Bill and The Hateful Eight, to horror classics like the Scream franchise. The Walking Dead is currently his bread and butter, as Nicotero is constantly challenged to make new and exciting zombies. He's also a director on the show, having helmed 26 episodes to date.

Scott MacFarland's upcoming Spawn movie is going to be in stark juxtaposition with the 1997 film. It seems the titular character will function largely as a mysterious shadow, with the signature body and costume not necessarily coming into play. MacFarland has teased he's shooting for an R-Rated supernatural horror film, so don't expect heroes in tights duking it out across epic landscapes. Spawn's trying something new, and it might be exactly what the comic book genre needs. We'll just have to see if Fox gets ahead of the horror/superhero subgenre with The New Mutants.

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