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A New York City building housing Robert De Niro's film and television production company, Tribeca Enterprises, as well as the actor's restaurant, Tribeca Grill, was evacuated after a suspicious package was discovered at 4:45 this morning. Police are still investigating, but x-rays of the parcel reportedly show what appears to be a pipe bomb.

The package, which was reportedly addressed to Robert De Niro himself, closely resembles six others police found earlier this week. All were mailed to outspoken critics of President Donald Trump, though one addressed to former Vice President Joe Biden was never delivered because it was not addressed properly. Over the past few years, De Niro has been one of the most aggressive critics of Donald Trump in Hollywood. During several recent speeches, he's referred to the President as an "idiot" and a "low IQ individual".

According to CNN, the building has since been reopened after police gave the all clear. The time from the initial discovery of the package to clearing the building was far quicker than it was when a similar package was discovered at CNN earlier this week, likely because police have a far better idea of what they're dealing with and what the risks are after so many similar situations. It's unclear, however, whether all of the packages were exactly the same or just similar. Law enforcement officials told the AP at least some contained shards of glass, but it'll likely take weeks or even months before the general public has the whole picture.

Our thoughts go out to Robert De Niro and everyone else who works in the building and/ or was affected by any of the other bombs mailed out this week. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, we should all be united against political violence. Everyone should share the right to disagree in peace. Openness and thought diversity are what make the United States a wonderful place to live.

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