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Jason Momoa in Aquaman

It's been more than a year since we've had a DC comics movie. Aquaman hits theaters on Friday following Justice League that came out a year ago in November. However, we won't have to wait quite that long for the next installment of the DC universe as Shazam! is coming in the spring. David F. Sandberg, director of Shazam! has now seen the DC movie that's acting as his lead-in, and needless to say, he's impressed. Sandberg recently tweeted...

Man, Aquaman was epic! Some of the most spectacular action and visuals ever!

Clearly, that's high praise. Simply saying Aquaman was a great movie or a fun time would have been one thing, but the Shazam! director goes on to praise the action and visuals as some of the most spectacular ever.

Of course, to a certain extent, in order to work, Aquaman had to have some really impressive visuals. Large portions of the film take place in an underwater city. This meant the movie had to create not only the mythical city of Atlantis but make it look like people were existing there underwater, and had been for centuries. To a certain extent, the visuals would make or break the movie. If the underwater sequences didn't work then the rest of the movie sort of falls apart.

It's one thing to get some stunning digital effects on the screen, but it's quite another to have spectacular action. That's really where it's all going to come down for Aquaman. Action is what sells tickets to superhero movies. We want to see impressive fights and other action sequences and, according to David F. Sandberg, Aquaman delivers that like few other movies have.

One certainly has to wonder how David F. Sandberg is now taking stock of his own movie having now seen a finished version of Aquaman. He's next up for DC with Shazam! and while the first trailer for the film did give what looks to be an entertaining movie, it focused almost exclusively on the humor of the film. We have yet to see much action from Shazam! and while that may not necessarily be where the next DC movie will focus, it is still a superhero movie and will need some solid action sequences.

Overall, things are looking pretty good for DC right now. David F. Sandberg is far from the only person praising Aquaman as the movie is getting good reviews from critics across the board. Considering the way that most other DC properties have met with much more mixed results, it looks like things may now be headed in the right direction. We'll have to see just how well Aquaman really does work when it hits theaters on Friday.