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Linda Hamilton And Arnold Schwarzenegger Arm Up In New Terminator: Dark Fate Image

Arnold Schwartznegger in Terminator: Dark Fate
(Image credit: (Paramount))

There’s nothing quite like seeing a reunion of iconic big-screen characters. Soon Terminator: Dark Fate will bring back Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor and Arnold Schwarznegger’s T-800 for the first time in 28 years. In anticipation for the fall release, here’s a new image of the pair armed and ready for a badass fight:

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They’re back! In the upcoming film, it looks like Sarah Connor will reach out to a new a new T-800 in the aid of Natalie Reyes’ Dani Ramos and Mackenzie Davis’ Grace, who are now being hunted by Gabriel Luna’s multiplying Rev-9. The two fit right back in to their action characters as they carry some heavy artillery and seem to have a serious battle ahead of them.

The exclusive image from Fandango is especially exciting because we haven’t seen much of Sarah Connor and Arnold Schwarznegger together ahead of the film’s release. It has been hinted by Terminator: Dark Fate’s director Tim Miller that Arnold’s T-800 will have a much different role…. he apparently goes by Carl after all.

Dark Fate will ignore the events of any Terminator movie after 1991’s Judgement Day and follow Sarah Connor’s journey almost 30 years later. Linda Hamilton’s character seems hardened to the life she’s since experienced and has lived her life hunting Terminators until she comes across a greater purpose in saving Dani Ramos from the same fate her life was once threatened with.

James Cameron has returned to his franchise as a story writer and producer, also for the first time since T2. Cameron said he wouldn’t sign on to the project without Arnold Schwarznegger and he later convinced Linda Hamilton to reprise her role and Edward Furlong is also returning as John Connor. The movie is being directed by Deadpool’s Tim Miller and will be an intense R-rated action thrill ride.

When Sarah Connor reunites with Arnold’s T-800 in the film, he seems to be living in a remote cabin and perhaps helming his own drapery business (as one image has him coming out of a truck that reads ‘Carl’s Draperies’). Maybe he’s a bit rusty on the business of protecting against Terminators? At least the team has Mackenzie Davis’ Grace who has showed off some incredible fighting techniques in the footage we’ve seen so far.

Terminator: Dark Fate follows in the footsteps of last year’s Halloween which famously brought back Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode years later and retconned the events of the less successful entries in the franchise. 2018’s Halloween made an impressive $255 million globally and inspired two upcoming sequels.

Will Dark Fate do the same with its return to its roots? The new Terminator hits theaters November 1.

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