Little Boy Gives Up Walt Disney World Money To Aid Hurricane Dorian Relief

Characters dancing in front of Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World

I can't think of anything that would have made me happier when I was six-years-old than taking a trip to Walt Disney World. Hell, there's nothing that would make me happier now than taking a trip to Walt Disney World. Jermaine Bell is a six-year-old who has been saving his money so that he can make a trip to the most magical place on earth, but he's now decided to forego the vacation, and is instead using the money for Hurricane Dorian relief.

Jermaine Bell lives in South Carolina, and turns seven on September 8th, and with people currently evacuating Florida to avoid Hurricane Dorian, Bell felt that it was more important that people on their way to someplace safe had food to eat. He took the money he'd been saving for a trip to Florida himself, and spent it on hot dogs, chips, and water and stood alongside Highway 125 with a pair of handwritten signs offering the food to those on their way to someplace safer. He served his food to about 100 evacuees.

Needless to say, this is just one of those amazing stories that you love to hear. Jermaine Bell saw that there were people who could benefit from his money more than he could, and so that's how he used it. Based on his comments to WJBF, the kid completely understands that what he's doing is a small thing, but all he wanted to do was to make these people's lives a little easier, and he clearly accomplished that.

South Carolina itself is potentially in the path of the storm, so people heading north and inland from Dorian likely still have a long way to go. A simple free meal likely went a long way. Bell also took the time to prey with some of the evacuees that their home would survive the storm.

It appears that Bell will go back to saving his money as his desire to go to Walt Disney World is still there. He really wants to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom and see the lions and have a Lion King themed party.

Walt Disney World itself had Hurricane Dorian to deal with. The park closed early yesterday in anticipation of the storm. An after hours event at Disney's Animal Kingdom had to be cancelled and the Extra Magic Hours, where some guests get into the parks before official opening, was cancelled for this morning. Otherwise, the resort is resuming normal operations for today.

Hopefully, Jermaine Bell won't have to wait too long to take his trip. Nobody deserves a trip to Walt Disney World more than this guy. Of course, a Walt Disney World vacation is no small endeavor. Maybe, if news of his deeds makes its way to Disney, the company will help out with that trip. Jermaine Bell doesn't just deserve a Disney vacation, this kid deserves VIP treatment.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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