Universal Studios' New Guidelines And Restrictions Detailed as Orlando Parks Open

Universal Studios Florida

The first major theme park to reopen in the United States following weeks of closure will be the Universal Orlando Resort. Right now, the park is open to team members and some annual passholders as Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure are put through their paces. Social distancing measures are being tested with smaller groups ahead of the park's general public opening this Friday.

If you're one of the people planning to visit Universal Orlando Resort this weekend, you'll want to be up on everything the resort has planned regarding safety procedures. And to that end, the park has released a new video which runs down everything you'll need to know to have an experience that is as safe as it is fun. Check it out.

For the most part the rundown of procedures is straight forward and largely what's to be expected. First, guests are asked to take their own temperature before venturing out to the park, and to stay home if their temp is above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures will also be checked at the resort.

Face coverings will also be required for all guests. Universal Orlando will have them for sale for any guest that doesn't already have them. The video shows "guests" moving throughout the park while wearing the masks, and still having a blast, as a way to show people that fun is still there to be had.

The exceptions to the face covering rule are when you're in the water, as the hotel pool will not require them in the water. For the Volcano Bay water park, the video says face coverings are recommended, which seems to imply they won't be required at all at that park, because you'll likely be spending so much time in the water. Still, Universal suggests you wear face coverings when not actively swimming.

The video also shows off social distancing signage and we see in the video that Universal employees will be on hand to make sure that attraction queue lines and theater seating is handled in such a way as to keep the proper spacing between guests.

Apps have been an incredibly useful way of allowing people to still get the things they need while maintaining social distance. In the case of Universal Orlando, the resort's app will allow guests to get access to virtual queues, so that no waiting in line is needed at all. They'll also be able to order food from some locations and even have it delivered directly to their table.

Finally, the video lays out warning to guests, similar to those we've already seen. While the resort is certainly doing what it can for guests safety, some responsibility is still being left on the guests.

Right now buying a ticket for this Friday, the first day Universal Orlando will open to the general public, is still possible, which means that even with the park opening to a limited capacity, not all tickets have been sold. This is likely because, a resort like Universal Orlando Resort sees a lot of guests from outside the area, and those are the guests least likely to make the trip right now. Eyes will be on Universal Orlando this weekend to see just how well the opening goes as other theme parks get ready to open as well. Walt Disney World is set to open its first parks on July 11.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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