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Disney World's Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance Is Making A Change Due To The Pandemic, But It Sounds Like A Good Thing

Rise of the Resistance

A lot of things have changed at Walt Disney World due to the pandemic. While all four theme parks are now open, only a fraction of the normal crowds can be found there, and everybody is wearing a face covering and keeping their distance. FastPass+ has been suspended and even walking around with food is no longer allowed. While necessary, many of these changes make visiting the parks more complicated, but one change is potentially a good thing, as you no longer have to get up early to get access to the Rise of the Resistance virtual queue at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Rise of the Resistance uses a virtual queue system that you get access to through Walt Disney World's My Disney Experience app. Initially, to reserve a boarding group, you had to be at the park right when it opened to snag a group, or in some cases, even before that. However, as part of the push to aid social distancing, according to Click Orlando, boarding groups have now been split up and are being given out in two groups, the first at 10 AM, and then another at 2 PM.

This means that nobody needs to rush to Disney's Hollywood Studios to get a boarding group and that if you fail to secure a group in the morning, you'll have a second chance later in the day, which will be good for guests. While there are fewer guests in the park, the need for social distancing on the ride itself means it won't be running at full capacity and those two things probably balance each other, making getting a boarding group potentially as difficult as it was when things were running normally.

It seems likely that a similar system will be used when Disneyland Resort opens back up, though at this point when that happens is anybody's guess. The resort was hoping to reopen on July 17 but California's government decided to hold off reopening theme parks. There's still no real idea when things will change enough to make the state comfortable with reopening theme parks.

So far, things appear to be working well at Walt Disney World. Tomorrow will mark two weeks since Magic Kingdom and Disney's Animal Kingdom reopened and there haven't been any significant reports of people actively violating mask policies or not otherwise abiding by the new rules. If Walt Disney World can act as a microcosm that shows that, when safety regulations are followed, the world can return to something resembling normal, perhaps that will become possible in other places.

Certainly, Disney wants to avoid seeing parks in the U.S. have to make the decision recently made in Hong Kong where the Disney Park which had reopened, has now closed again.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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