Russell Crowe Has A Great Response For People Asking Why They Should See Unhinged In Theaters

Russell Crowe in Unhinged

It’s been a while since brand-new movies have been shown in traditional theaters, but among the fresh offerings that are heading to the big screen in several weeks is the Russell Crowe-starring Unhinged. But why should you spend your hard-earned dollars to see Unhinged in a theatrical setting, as opposed to just waiting for the movie to arrive on home video?

Well, Russell Crowe has made a case for folks experiencing Unhinged in a theater with the following video, which is hilarious, but also slightly terrifying. Take a look!

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As Russell Crowe acknowledged in his Tweet, sometimes there comes a point when promoting an upcoming movie where you just want to have a little fun, and this video provided the Gladiator actor that opportunity. Channeling the titular adjective, Crowe starts off the video talking about what a wonderful experience seeing a movie in a theater can be, only to get downright creepy and adopt the demeanor that practically screams, “Go ahead, skip seeing Unhinged in a theater. I dare you!”

Obviously this is all in good fun, but nevertheless, part of me is tempted to check my closet tonight just to make sure Russell Crowe isn’t lurking in my closet ready to beat me up to ensure I see Unhinged in theaters. Still, this is some pretty effective marketing compared to the traditional ways a movie is promoted… not that you could get away with having an actor being so intimidating while plugging most other movies, though.

Unhinged follows a young, single mother who finds herself being targeted by an unstable stranger after she confronts him during a road rage incident. Along with Russell Crowe playing said unstable stranger, the movie’s cast includes Caren Pistorius, Gabriel Bateman, Jimmi Simpson and Austin P. McKenize, among others.

In case you’ve missed out Unhinged advertising, you can watch the trailer below.

As things stand now, Unhinged is expected to be the first wide domestic theatrical release in months, as movies like The New Mutants and Tenet are arriving in the weeks after. Ironically, while a lot of movies were pushed back after the pandemic hit, Unhinged, which had previously been scheduled for September 4, was moved to July 1 so it could be one of the first new movies to play in theaters. While that’s still looking to be the case, it subsequently pushed back several times due to the unpredictable theatrical landscape.

Unhinged will now arrive in theaters on August 21, and if you’re curious about what other movies are supposed to come later this year, scan through our 2020 release schedule. As for Russell Crowe, following Unhinged, he’s set to appear next in The Georgetown Project, the horror film also starring Ryan Simpkins, Chloe Bailey, Sam Worthington and David Hyde Pierce.

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