The War With Grandpa’s Oakes Fegley Names His Favorite Robert De Niro Film, And It’s Violent

The War With Grandpa Oakes Fegley stands with a dodgeball in his hand

At 15 years old, actor Oakes Fegley has already racked up some impressive credits on his resume. The live-action remake of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon, the cinematic adaptation of author Brian Selznick’s family friendly tale Wonderstruck, and most recently the hotly debated film version of The Goldfinch have all landed among this young man’s credits, creating a promising pool of work. With his latest film, The War with Grandpa, pitting Fegley against Robert De Niro, you’d expect the obvious question of which movie from his venerated co-star is his favorite. Well, we definitely have an answer to that, and it’s quite a violent one, as Oakes Fegley’s favorite Robert De Niro film is the 1976 classic Taxi Driver.

We’re as shocked as you are that a 15 year old has seen director Martin Scorsese’s hard-boiled favorite, in which Robert De Niro’s Travis Bickle ventures into some dark, seedy and violent territory. However, Oakes Fegley explained how and why he’s seen this movie. As he spoke with CinemaBlend’s own Jeff McCobb, Fegley gave the following background for why he’s familiar with Taxi Driver:

My favorite would be Taxi Driver, as I’ve said before. I think there is some incredible work in the past that is fun to look back at. I’m lucky enough to have parents that push older films on me. It makes me better just knowing what’s out there and knowing what the history is.

It still feels a bit weird to know that a young teenager has seen Taxi Driver, especially when he’s currently starring in a film like The War with Grandpa. But Oakes Fegley is almost old enough to see an R-rated film by himself, and he’s clearly waging war on a family blockbuster level. So maybe it’s not that odd, and the passage of time is really that elusive when it comes to young actors.

Come to think of it, that just makes the gags shown in the trailer even funnier. To think that Oakes Fegley, someone people have undoubtedly called “the kid from Pete’s Dragon, got to play dodgeball with Travis Bickle himself automatically brings laughter to the forefront. Not to mention, you have to wonder how many times Oakes Fegley was saying “You talkin’ to me” in his head, as he squared off with Robert De Niro. While you may not find that answer in the video from our interview below, you will see the current topic of discussion in full, living motion:

While it might not be as violent or gritty as Taxi Driver, there’s still plenty of action in The War With Grandpa, which is headed only to theaters starting tomorrow! So check your local listings for availability, and head over to the 2020 release schedule to see what other big ticket titles are still debuting in the remaining months of the year.

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