Walt Disney World Has Fixed A Hilarious Goof In A Rethemed Resort Slide

Walt Disney World's Boardwalk Inn

Walt Disney Imagineers are amazing. When we experience new E-ticket attractions like Rise of the Resistance or Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway, we see just how impressive they can be. We go for a ride at Disneyland or Walt Disney World and sometimes even after the ride is over we can't believe the experience we just had. How many times have we asked ourselves "How did they do that?" And yet, Imagineers are only human, and as such, they can make mistakes. Recently, just such a mistake was made. It was an utterly inconsequential error, it's a spelling mistake of all things, but that's what makes it so funny.

The goof occurred at Disney's Boardwalk Resort at Walt Disney World. There a slide that dropped guests into one of the hotel swimming pools was getting a cosmetic upgrade. A somewhat generic clown theme was being replaced by a new look adding Mickey Mouse and his friends. Walt Disney Imagineering showed off some pictures of the update, and some quickly noticed an issue that had apparently made it by everybody else. What WDI has since removed the original image, nothing goes away on the internet, so check it out below and see if you can spot the error.

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The new slide included an image of Mickey Mouse using the slide which dubbed it the "Keister Coaster." Except that's not what it actually said. While I before E, is the general rule in English spelling, there are exceptions, and the word keister is one of them, but it seems that fact made it past every level of quality control at Walt Disney Imagineering.

Of course, if somebody did something wrong on the internet, you can be sure you'll hear about it, and so many of those who did much better in their grade school spelling bee than I did pointed out the problem. Wat Disney Imagineering removed the image from Instagram, and then went about quickly making a replacement image for the slide itself, which has now been added. WDI's Zack Riddley posted images of the slide being fixed, and even made a humerous reference to the error, promising they had spell checked this one.

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On the one hand, keister isn't exactly a word that a lot of us use very often, much less spell out, so it's understandable why it might get misspelled. At the same time, because the word doesn't get used often, perhaps that's all the more reason to go double check how it's spelled, just to be safe. I have a feeling everybody at WDI is double checking the spelling on all their signage right now, just to be sure.

The new "Keister Coaster" slide is now open for guests to use at the Boardwalk Resort, and everybody is most won't ever be aware there was ever anything amiss.

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