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In the last two years, Jack Black has made one legitimately great movie, and it was the movie in which he played a panda. If he keeps making movies like Kung Fu Panda, I'd be perfectly fine with Black sticking to animation for the rest of his career. But that only counts if he's also voicing characters, so his commitment to an untitled animation project at Illumination Entertainment comes with one hitch-- he's only on board as a producer.

Still, the movie doesn't sound all that bad on its own. Variety writes that the story takes place in the world of Cryptozoology, a.k.a. the study of creatures that don't necessarily exist-- the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and all that. Sounds like it has potential for some inventive animation, and voice actors who don't simply sound like they've shown up to receive a paycheck. Illumination will also be responsible for the upcoming Despicable Me, coming out next summer with voice work from Steve Carel, Danny McBride, Julie Andrews and Russell Brand. If that turns out well, we'll know to expect a lot from Black's project too.

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