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Scarface, to say the least, is not a movie for children. Between the guns, chainsaws, piles of cocaine and women who apparently look like tigers, it's not material that you would generally share with elementary school children. Unless you want to put it on as the school play, in which case I say be my guest.

A new video has popped up on Break and appears to be a school production of the Brian De Palma gangster film. No, I don't know where this was filmed or who actually allowed it to happen, but, really, why do you care? They are using popcorn instead of happy powder, stick figures for security cam footage and simple replacing the word "fuck" with "fudge" in all instances. It's hard to believe that this is actually real, but screw it. It's awesome.

Check out the video below.

Arrested Development fans: this is as close to New Warden as we're ever going to get.

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