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Improv Everywhere has struck again! The Manhattan-based comedy troupe is best known for causing chaos in a Best Buy simply by having 80 "agents" enter the store dressed similarly to the employees, but this latest prank (for lack of a better word), involves only seven people and a camera crew. Three of their agents entered the New York Public Library reading room earlier this week dressed as ghosts (sheets with eye holes cut out), and simply sat down to do some studying. Soon after, who else would enter but the GHOSTBUSTERS! The team of paranormal investigators slinked (slunk?) into the room, proton packs at the ready, hunting their proverbial wabbits.

Once spotted, the ghosts tried to escape but were soon wrangled by the 'busters, who were obviously very careful not to cross streams; after all, these weren't as powerful as Zuul. The incursion lasted less than a minute since the troupe, while hilarious, remain considerate of peoples' need to get some work done. To be noted is the one onlooker who kindly mouths "What the fuck?!" to his buddy, as well as the substitute Egon who looks eerily like Harold Ramis circa 1984. Bravo, Improv Everywhere. What's next?

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