There's a lot of reasons to not like Nicolas Cage. The man has made some terrible movies in his day, he's gone bankrupt from buying islands and exotic cars, and he looks like a creepy pedophile when he grows out his mustache. However, his ongoing collaborations with director Jon Turteltaub on the National Treasure franchisehas created two of the most fun adventure movies for younger audiences since the original Indiana Jones, so it's not all bad.

National Treasure 3 in the works, but if you just can't wait to see the actor and director get back to work together, then you should be following The Sorcerer's Apprentice which brings the duo together without the help of old-timey government cover ups. The film also stars Jay Baruchel, which should be enough to get anyone excited for a film, as well as Alfred Molina and the delicious Monica Bellucci. In this new TV spot that dropped over at Coming Soon, we get a few more quippy one liners from Cage mixed in with what might as well just be an effects show reel.

Every spot I see for this film ramps my anticipation level to the max. It looks like big fun and the effects look fantastic. Turteltaub and Cage may not ever be as highly regarded as Scorsese and DeNiro or Burton and Depp, but they certainly work well together and we've got at least two more movies to look forward to from this unlikely team.

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