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Gore Verbinski may not yet be a household name, but he certainly is keeping himself busy enough to earn that status very soon. The director gave us all three Pirates flicks, The Ring and even the Nic Cage starrer The Weather Man. His resume isn't what I'd call extensive, but almost everything he's done has been excellent, with his next project, Rango, looking to keep that trend alive.

Although Verbinski is still wrapping up the Johnny Depp-starring animated feature, Coming Soon has it that he already getting his next piece lined up: a remake of the 1947 fantasy The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Mitty himself is a scrawny comic book writer looking to be as heroic as the characters he creates when he somehow gets wrapped up in the search for the Dutch Crown Jewels that went missing during the second World War. Don't expect that story to stay the same, though, as it's likely it'll get an update to take place during the present.

The director isn't officially and attached no actors are yet on board, but I'm calling it right now that Steve Carell will be propositioned for the lead, especially since he'll be looking for work after he wraps next season of The Office. Mike Myers and Sacha Baron Cohen have both been attached at some point, but if we work hard enough as the internet hate machine that we are, we'll be able to keep both of them miles away from this project. Hear our words Mr. Verbinski: please don't use Sacha Baron Cohen in anything you do...ever.

More on this as Rango nears release and Verbinski's schedule frees up enough to put his signature on a dotted line.

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