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Back in May Woody Allen's new comedy You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger debuted with a whimper-- critics seemed to barely muster up the energy to even review it, calling it serviceable at best. So now that you know not to expect a Vicky Cristina Barcelona-level triumph, take a look at the first trailer, an international one complete with Spanish subtitles and the very exotic-sounding title Cononceras al hombre de tus suenos.

Basically this is one those Woody Allen movies with a jaunty score and lots of wealthy white people-- this time with British accents-- who are continually wanting what they can't have. Elderly Alfie (Anthony Hopkins) has left his wife Helena (Gemma Jones) for a ditzy young actress (Lucy Punch), and Helena has taken to consulting psychics and exasperating her daughter (Naomi Watts), who is married to a bookish-looking Josh Brolin but has eyes for her swarthy boss (Antonio Banderas). Yes, it sounds awfully complicated, but if it's this clear in the trailer it has to work in feature-length, right? OK, hardened survivors of Scoop and Melinda and Melinda, you don't have to answer that.

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