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All it takes is one really good film to get actors to want to work with you, and that's exactly what Rodrigo Cortes has done. In his first English language feature Buried, the Spanish director created a Sundance darling and a great example of creative filmmaking. Because of that, Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver are now joining his next film.

Variety reports that the two actors have signed on for Red Lights, Cortes' follow-up to the Ryan Reynolds-starring thriller. Also written by Cortes, the film is about a psychologist (Weaver) and her partner who study paranormal activity and begin to investigate a "world-renowned psychic," played by DeNiro. While the film will be set in the U.S., production is scheduled to start Spain and Canada early next year.

In Buried, Cortes created an incredibly atmospheric thriller that kept the audience trapped in a wooden box underground for 90 minutes. One can only imagine what he'll be able to do in a wide-open city. Perhaps De Niro can use this project to get his career back to where it used to be.

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