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Ever had a moment in your day when someone drops a bombshell and you wish there were an accompanying musical cue to let everyone know how intense things just got? Or did you ever see those ads with the Staples "Easy Button" and think, "Man, I think there's a much better use for a giant red button." Dave Pedu hears you, and has come up with what you're looking for: The Inception button.

It's easy: click on the image below to go to Pedu's site, then click the button and be…. incepted. Or at least be blasted with Hans Zimmer's score and feel like you've just done something really, really important. Yes, this is a very silly post, but I think there's a point in everyone's workday when such a button is totally crucial. For example, when the news broke this morning that Batman 3 would be titled The Dark Knight Rises? Totally an Inception button moment.

(Thanks to Cinematical for finding it first).