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Last fall, when Men In Black III seemed to be moving ahead smoothly and with plenty of time to add actors to the cast, Sharlto Copley was finding his way on board, along with Betty White in some kind of cameo. It's unclear if White will still be showing up on the screen now that shooting is starting back up after a three-month hiatus, but Copley definitely won't be appearing. According to THR, Michael Stuhlbarg has stepped into the role Copley was once considering, a character known only as "Griffin."

Stuhlbarg is best known for starring as the beleaguered Larry Gopnik in the Coen Brothers' A Serious Man, but he's a mainstay in the New York theater scene, so it makes sense that he'd be somewhere around the Queens shoot for Men In Black III and able to jump in at the last minute. He's been starring lately as Arnold Rothstein, the gambler who fixed the World Series, on Boardwalk Empire, and will also appear in this winter's Hugo Cabret. It seems inconceivable that his part in Men In Black III will be as rewarding or interesting as anything listed above, but it can't help bringing in actual talent to the project that still seems cobbled together and unnecessary. Men In Black III is still set for release on May 25, 2012.

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