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There's a pretty wide consensus that Cars is the weakest link in Pixar Studio's back catalog. While it's still better than a lot of other animated films that come out these days, it's simply missing that spark that makes all of the others so wonderful. What's interesting, though, is that Cars also happens to be their most marketable film, and the studio has made millions thanks to toys and other sources of revenue, which explains why Cars 2 is set to premiere next week. The Cars franchise is worth a lot of money, and Disney is not going to just let it be.

The Mouse House has released the first trailer for Planes, a direct-to-DVD spinoff of Cars that features - you guessed it - planes as the lead characters. There are no plot details yet, and the movie won't be released until Spring of 2013, but it seems from the video that the movie will center on a plane who, despite lacking in fancy equipment, wishes to fly with his more advanced bretheren.

Check out the trailer below.


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