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Is there no end to the list of projects Johnny Depp has in his pipeline? Hours after we report the Pirates of the Caribbean star is contemplating The Hand of Dante with Miral director Julian Schnabel, Deadline tosses two more logs onto Depp’s casting fire.

It seems Depp’s frequent collaborating studio, Disney, is teaming with the actor’s production house Infinitum Nihil on two potential starring vehicles for the A-lister. The first would be a feature-length version of The Night Stalker, a made-for-TV movie and subsequent television series that ran on ABC from 1974-75 as it followed intrepid tabloid reporter Carl Kolchak as he tracked down creatures of the night that included vampires, werewolves and aliens. The second project would be an historical drama about Paul Revere’s famous ride prior to the Revolutionary War. Depp would star in both films, though there’s no confirmation in the story as to whether hired screenwriters Lee and Janet Batchler (Batman Forever) would stick with time-tested facts or use Sarah Palin’s recently revised version of Revere’s ride.

So it appears Depp will remain in business with the Mouse House, where he’s about to shoot Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger with Armie Hammer in the lead role. It has been an extremely profitable partnership to date, with the latest Pirates sequel cracking $1 billion at the box office. But one has to wonder if Disney’s bankrolling a handful of Depp’s dream projects so that he’ll get a little closer to actually signing the dotted line on that fifth Pirates film. We’ll see how that all pans out.

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