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There’s a reason Guy Pearce has seven movies in various stages of production--he’s kick ass. In Justice he gets to do something he doesn’t do too regularly, play the bad guy in a film. Led by Nicolas Cage, Justice follows Cage after his wife is traumatized by an attack as he searches for, you guessed it, justice. It presents itself in the form of Guy Pearce, a suit-clad man offering to take out the man responsible for hurting his wife, played by Mad Men’s January Jones, but at a price.

A new poster has emerged over in the UK for Justice sporting the tagline “Would you cross the line for vengeance?” It hints that Cage, while not paying money for Pearce’s services, will have to perform some tasks that he may not be comfortable with. Check out the poster below courtesy of HeyUGuys.

Last week we got our first look at Justice in trailer form showing off Cage’s desperation for vengeance for the attack on his wife, and just how bad a situation he gets himself caught up in with Pearce, whose suit and tie is no disguise for his sinister plans. Dante’s Peak director Roger Donaldson is at the helm for Justice returning to the chair after a three year rest after his last film, The Bank Job with Jason Statham.

Justice doesn’t have a release date for America yet, but has already been released in Italy. We should be hearing about some for of distribution soon.

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