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Whether you like it or not, Men In Black III is coming out this summer, a sequel to the movie nobody liked that much, Men In Black 2, and a movie that everybody liked a whole lot… when it came out in 1997, which is now 15 years ago. The protracted production schedule and script problems made the film feel even more like a strained cash grab and nothing more, and as it prepares to open on May 25, a week after Battleship and a week before Snow White and the Huntsman, it's still an open question whether the movie can make an impact with much fresher summer movie content out there.

And yet, this is a Will Smith movie, and that's reason enough not to count it out just yet. And if I'm being honest, the new images from the movie that appeared at Comic Book Movie) (after premiering in the newest issue of Empire Magazine) do have me intrigued, if only for the glimpses of mod 60s fashion in the background. Check out Will Smith's Agent J and Josh Brolin as the young Agent K in two of the images, plus WIll Smith running over some cars in Soho in the third one.

Do these images single-handedly make the movie look like a must see? Nah. But it does remind me of the main thing I'm looking forward to in this film, the rapport that Will Smith and Josh Brolin ought to be able to build that refreshes the cranky old man vs. young upstart vibe between Smith and Tommy Lee Jones from the first film. I still expect Men In Black III to feel like a lumbering relic from the 90s that somehow got released this summer, but is it crazy to hope for a few bright spots in the mix? We'll find out for ourselves when the movie opens, but even sooner than that, Empire ought to have high-res versions of these photos, and much more from their summer preview issue, online by the end of this week.

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