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Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are now in production on The Internship, a comedy due out next year that will mark their first collaboration since 2005's Wedding Crasher. But how do they plan to top the R-rated comedy that was a box office sensation that also scored with critics? Well, apparently by inflicting the duo's unique brand of manchild lunacy and shenanigans on the offices of Google headquarters.

Slate has discovered that Google has opened its doors to Twentieth Century Fox production, allowing director Shawn Levy (Reel Steel) to shoot exteriors on Google's scenic Mountain View campus. But that's not all. Several of Google's higher ups including Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and Android developer Hugo Barra will make cameo appearances in the film. Though most of Team Google's roles will be little more than extra work, Schmidt will actually share a scene with Vaughn, giving him an "employee talk."

It may seem like a risky maneuver for the tech giant to let the two irreverent comedians loose in even their imagined offices, but Google's legal team most definitely surveyed the screenplay before signing on. While The Internship is sure to be full of punch lines, we can assume that Google's participation came at the cost of not making them the butt of any jokes. More likely, it will instead prove a familiar stage on which Vaughn and Wilson can unleash comedic mayhem.

The Internship casts the pair as fortysomething salesmen who are forced to find new jobs after being spectacularly fired. So, they opt to take this unemployment opportunity as a chance to reinvent themselves by taking an internship at a tech company—which will apparently be Google. With a cast that also includes Bridesmaids' Rose Byrne, John Goodman and Will Ferrell, The Internship seems destined to be a solid draw in its own right.

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