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Those who attended the New York Film Festival this month may have had the opportunity to see Robert Zemeckis' drama Flight. The rest of us will have to wait until early next month to catch Denzel Washington in the starring role as an airline pilot who manages a daring landing when something goes wrong on the flight. The latest clip from the movie shows us the plane in a dive and Washington's Whip Whitaker's efforts to land it.

One of the more chilling and memorable scenes from the original trailer is the sight of the plane flying upside down. This clip (via Deadline) shows us how it got that way. It begins with Denzel Washington's character in the cockpit issuing orders and ends with a plane belly up in the sky…

While others might be in a complete panic, Washington's character seems relatively calm and in charge of the situation. It's interesting to note that, considering the plot of the movie involves the investigation that follows the crash and Whip's drinking and substance abuse issues, which come to light when people start digging into his background.

Flight arrives in theaters November 2. More information on the film can be found in our Blend Film Database. And you can read Katey's review of the movie from the NYFF here.

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