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It's hard to say right now if The Hangover Part III is actually a good idea, given how terrible the sequel turned out and how indifferent the cast seemed to returning for yet another movie, now that most of them have their own movie star careers to tend to. But the Wolfpack is back on set anyway, filming an adventure that supposedly takes them to Tijuana, and the gang at least seems to be getting along, based on some new behind-the-scenes photos that have emerged.

And because they're taken by director Todd Phillips using Instagram, they have that nostalgic, wasn't-that-the-best tinge that the best Instagram photos give-- making the whole thing seem even more fun. Since we know so little about the plot, it's hard to parse through them to figure out exactly what's going on. Why are there two men in pig masks? Why is Zach Galifianakis wearing a mesh shirt? But one photo in particular offers up an intriguing potential plot twist. Check out that one below:

So clearly that's Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha standing in a graveyard, wearing nice suits and next what looks like a hearse (or at least the kind of fancy limousine people take to funerals). Are we supposed to assume that Galifianakis's Alan has bitten the dust? Or maybe one of the other more minor character we see less of-- Jeffrey Tambor's dad character, perhaps? If they were going to kill off a member of the Wolfpack, I honestly would've assumed it would be Bartha, given the short shrift he's gotten in the previous two movies. But given the rumors that the story involves the three friends breaking Alan out of a mental institution, I'm starting to wonder if this is somehow Alan faking his own death, and possibly the start of whatever adventure the movie entails. After all, Phillips is no dummy-- he wouldn't send a spoiler for his movie out into the world that he didn't want out there.

Feel free to start your own speculation about the plot by clicking through more of the images in the gallery below, and keep an eye on Phillips's Instagram profile to see all the latest photos as they come in.

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