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November was a good month for Disney•Pixar, which released both the Brave Blu-ray and The Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2 Blu-ray on November 13. What do both of these home entertainment releases have in common? They both boast the magical, wonderful short, “La Luna.” If you’ve missed out on the short story thus far, or just love the little tale, we have a special clip from the “La Luna” short to share with you.

The minute and twenty second long clip, “Burst,” highlights an unusual cleanup crew willing to deal with a pesky star. As a little boy wordlessly looks to solve the star problem, eventually bursting the big star into a bunch of tiny pointed mini stars. It doesn’t sound particularly exciting--and if you are looking into a crazy action-filled short, this one isn’t it—but the animation is gorgeous, and you won’t be able to help but feel a little tenderhearted for the little boy.

The “La Luna” short is available as one of the bonus features within the Brave set, which also comes with deleted scenes as plenty of featurettes. Or, you can nab it as one of the 12 main attractions within the Short Films Collection. Whether it’s a better decision to go with the full-length film or a bunch of less lengthy flicks is your call, but get your hands on the “La Luna” short, somehow. I doubt very much you’ll regret it.

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