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It's not totally fair to keep comparing Oz The Great And Powerful to Alice in Wonderland-- Sam Raimi's movie is much better than Tim Burton's, for one thing-- but when it comes to box office receipts, the comparison may be exactly as close as Disney dreamed. Most people in the industry have been projecting a big weekend for Oz, a very expensive tentpole for Disney, and now the midnight grosses have started to bear that out.

According to the numbers at Deadline, Oz is projected to make $2 million from midnight screenings-- well, technically Thursday night screenings plus midnights, but it's all still cash made before the official opening, so it counts. Alice in Wonderland made nearly twice that, with $3.9 million from midnights, but you can easily chalk that up to either high teen interest in the gothic Alice story or a higher interest in 3D spectacle in that post-Avatar time. Oz remains on track to make at least $80 million this weekend, making it by far the biggest opening of the year so far.

We're pretty excited about Oz over here too, writing about its flawless 3D and its unexpected influences, plus having conversations with Sam Raimi and James Franco themselves. Let us know in the comments if you're excited about seeing Oz, and whether you were one of the people who made those midnight numbers so huge.

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