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10 Disney Characters Who Almost Had Totally Different Voices

Several times in the past Disney has had some pretty big names in mind to join their voice cast family that simply haven't worked out. The reasons are as varied as the roles, but one thing is for sure, if these actors had been cast, the characters we know and love would have sounded very different.

Pixar's First VR Experience Explores The Land Of The Dead

You would think that Pixar's very first foray into the realm of VR would be something bright, cheery, whimsical and airy... right? Well, Pixar decided to take a completely different route with its new VR project for the Oculus Rift called Coco VR.

Pixar's Wrap Party For Coco Involved A Theater Filled With Skeletons

Pixar's next animated feature is less than two months away, but the movie just recently wrapped up post-production. In true Pixar fashion, the crew celebrated the end of production in a very fun way.

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How Cinderella’s Carriage Ended Up In Cars 3

Pixar movies are always full of easter eggs, but one of the more obscure items dropped into Cars 3 was an image of Cinderella's carriage. Cars 3's director explains how the classic Disney image ended up in the movie.

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There's A Reason We Haven't Seen Motorcycles In The Cars Movies Yet

The world of Pixar's Cars is one of the most curious in all of cinema. How do they exist? What do they eat? Why does the world even have sidewalks? There are so many unanswered questions.

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How Many Subscribers Disney's New Streaming Service Will Need To Break Even

With Disney launching its own exclusive streaming service, this is how many diehard Disney fans need to sign up for Disney to break even on their new venture.

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The Challenge Coco’s Skeletons Created For Pixar's Animators

Coco is one of Pixar's most visually ambitious projects, but the film's skeleton characters created one notable problem for the team during production.

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How Coco Turned The Day Of The Dead Into Something Entertaining And Not Morbid

Death is a heavy topic for any film to tackle, but Pixar's Coco uses an angle that makes death far less morbid, and far more accessible for younger audiences.

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Coco Has A New Character That Looks Pretty Cool

The most exciting thing about Coco, the next feature from Pixar, is that it's not a sequel, meaning we'll see things in it that we've never seen before. One of those things is a pretty amazing looking new character.

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Why Disney Plans To Pull Marvel, Star Wars And More Movies Off Of Netflix

Netflix has been the one-stop shop for streaming newer Disney, Marvel and Star Wars movies since last fall, but that's going to come to an end soon. Here's why.

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Pixar Is Making A Suburban Fantasy Movie

The next original Pixar movie has been revealed, and it's going to be extra fantastical.

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How Toy Story Influenced The Creation Of The Emoji Movie

Tony Leondis had a similar inspiration. The writer and director of the upcoming The Emoji Movie was opening up about his process of coming up with the cellphone-based comedy, and he said it all started with

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5 Pixar Fan Theories That Are Horribly Sad And Totally Depressing

Over the weekend, an interesting tale that explained some details about the missing backstory of Toy Story surfaced, and while it's been debunked by Pixar, it still makes for a great fan theory, because all Pixar fan theories are depressing.

Toy Story's Writer Responded To The Rumors About Woody's Backstory

Recently a man claimed to have the definitive backstory of Toy Story's Woody and Andy that answered every question you didn't know you had. Now, one of Pixar's top people has responded.

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Toy Story Apparently Has A Shockingly Complex Backstory For Woody

The origins of Woody are a mystery, but now someone has revealed everything about where the cowboy doll came from before he met Andy. In true Pixar fashion, it's complex, brilliant, and really depressing.

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The Cars 3 Script Originally Had Talking Batmobiles

The world of the Cars movies is a bizarre one that looks remarkably like our own considering that it's only inhabited by sentient automobiles. It turns out that one way our worlds are similar is in its choice of superhero movies.

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Why Disney Was Just Hit With A Lawsuit Over Inside Out

Two years after Inside Out's release, Disney has been hit with a lawsuit over the movie. Get the details ahead.

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These Pixar Superfans Turned Their Bedroom Into Andy's Room From Toy Story

If you thought you loved Pixar's Toy Story you've got a fairly high bar to clear. A pair of brothers have turned one of their rooms into an exact replica of Andy's room from the third film.

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Every Pixar Easter Egg We Saw in Cars 3

Easter eggs are always something fun to look for, and Pixar never disappoints in that regard. They always have a number of easter eggs that you can rely on finding in every film.

The 7 Best Musical Moments From The Cars Franchise

The Cars franchise is all about driving, but one thing that Pixar has always known is that nothing mixes better with driving than a great song. As such, the franchise has been a home to some of Pixar's best musical moments ever.

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