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Texas Megachurch Changes Vaccine Stance After 20 Members Get Measles

If you want to convert a racist, the best thing to do is expose him or her to competent and likeable people with different skin colors. If you want to convert a sexist, the best thing to do is expose him or her to brilliant, creative and likeable members of the opposite sex. Know someone who hates gays? Find an awesome gay and make them hang out. Increased exposure is almost always the best way to cure ignorance.

Watch This Video To Learn What It's Like To Have A Brother With Autism

Human beings are a curious sort. We want to know what it feels like to blind or to be a stay at home dad. Fortunately, thanks to video services like YouTube, looking through someone else’s eyes has never been easier.

Jenny McCarthy Blasts Jim Carrey For Not Visiting Her Son

Earlier this week, Jenny McCarthy went on The Howard Stern Show and wound up making some pretty startling accusations about her ex-boyfriend Jim Carrey. The former Singled Out host claimed the actor refuses to see her son even though the boy asks about him weekly and has been forced to go to therapy to deal with his sadness. McCarthy and Carrey were together for five years, but she reportedly broke it off in 2010, leaving her son without any connection to the Dumb & Dumber star.

Comedy Central Autism Benefit Well Stocked With Celebs

Later this month, Comedy Central is set to air a benefit to help raise money for Autism education. Jon Stewart is on board to host and a number of celebrities are already set to appear on the show. Among the most recently added are Kelsey Grammer, Ben Stiller, Maroon 5 and The Roots.

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