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Oz: 11 Actors You Forgot Were On The HBO Series

Wait, Bobby Cannavale was on Oz?

FBI Adds Dexter Fan Favorite To Play A Dangerous New Character

Prepare to see this popular Dexter veteran in FBI Season 3!

What The Dexter Cast Is Doing Now
The Gotham Full Season Trailer Introduces Us To These Villains

Fox’s comic book-inspired crime drama Gotham had quite a challenge when its pilot premiered last week, reintroducing characters that Batman fanatics are oh-so-familiar with while trying to disperse them into a fully realized fictional world. Those who were bothered by the endless line of future villain appearances aren’t going to be won over by the full season promo seen above, but the rest of us can cackle gloriously over our first looks at these murderous baddies.

Gotham Adds Dexter's David Zayas In A Devious Role

Fox is gearing up to premiere Gotham this fall, and while we’ve seen trailers and TV spots, it looks like there is still room to add new characters. On Friday, the Batman prequel series announced that Dexter actor David Zayas is joining the cast, and in the new series, he won’t be playing one of the detectives in the squad.

Six New Images From The Brother Strause's Alien Invasion Film Skyline

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to visit the Brother Strause’s video effects workshop, Hydraulx, in Los Angeles. In addition to seeing the various departments and editing bays, I also was given a

Movie News
Skyline Sneak Peek: Four New Scenes Revealed And Recapped

Directors Greg and Colin Strause are breaking every rule Hollywood has made about alien invasion movies. The typical line is that you need a studio to back you, it needs to be expansive and, above all, it will cost a bundle

New Image From Skyline Kicks Off The Invasion

Before images of the gigantic Skyline banner flooded Twitter, I’d never even heard of the film. Funny thing is, not hearing much about it is working in the Strause brothers’ favor because now I’m interested.

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