FBI Adds Dexter Fan Favorite To Play A Dangerous New Character

FBI has officially returned to CBS for the long-awaited third season, with the team back to business as usual chasing down criminals despite trying circumstances with the pandemic. Missy Peregrym's Maggie Bell is back in action after her undercover work, which is especially good news considering what the team is facing in the next episode courtesy of a dangerous new character played by a Dexter fan favorite. Prepare to see David Zayas on FBI in the not-too-distant future!

CBS exclusively revealed to CinemaBlend that David Zayas, best known for his popular role as Angel Batista on Dexter, will guest star in the third episode of FBI Season 3 as the leader of a drug cartel by the name of Antonio Vargas. Vargas stands as one of the Most Wanted men in the world, making him a big get for the team. The downside of capturing one of the Most Wanted is that he has henchmen who might not take well to their leader being captured by the FBI.

The entire FBI headquarters will be at risk thanks to those henchmen, who will unveil a terrorist threat to try and free him from custody. As if that wasn't enough for the episode, called "Liar's Poker," Alana De La Garza's Isobel is facing a decision that will require her to sacrifice her career or her conscience. The episode will also feature For the People's Ben Shenkman guest-starring as the FBI Assistant Director in Charge. David Zayas' Antonio Vargas will seemingly have all hands on deck!

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The FBI team often faces deadly situations and some of the worst of the worst criminals, but threats to the FBI headquarters aren't something they have to deal with on a regular basis. Even the team over on spinoff FBI: Most Wanted travels to their dangerous situations, so all signs point toward "Liar's Poker" as an intense episode leading into the end of the year. It's bad news for the FBI team, but pretty exciting news for FBI viewers and Dexter fans who will get to see David Zayas in a dangerous new role.

Isobel's conundrum could be game-changing for her and possibly even her future at the FBI. Alana De La Garza is a key part of series (and the whole FBI/FBI: Most Wanted universe), so whatever decision she makes could be a very big deal for her character and even the shows. The fact that David Zayas' Antonio Vargas is one of the Most Wanted men in the world when captured also raises the question of whether FBI's sister show will be involved.

Both FBI showrunner Rick Eid and FBI: Most Wanted boss David Hudgins have confirmed that there is interest in exploring future crossovers if possible, so the two shows are still connected, even if a big two-parter like the one last season probably won't happen any time too soon. Luckily, a long wait isn't the case for "Liar's Poker."

This upcoming episode of FBI featuring David Zayas airs on Tuesday, December 8 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS as the final FBI episode of 2020. The show will be back with the rest of the third season in 2021 to reveal what happens next for Maggie and Co. following the events of "Liar's Poker." For more viewing options in the new year, be sure to check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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