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New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In December 2017

Get off your rear and buy some movies and TV for your family for the holidays!

12 Film Detectives You Need To Call When There's A Murder

In need of a detective to solve a murder most foul? Check out this list of respectable sleuths who'll take your case without a moment's hesitation.

The Walking Dead And Fargo Creators Are Teaming Up For A Crazy New Show

Fargo and The Walking Dead are two of the most talked-about cable TV shows. Now, the creators are teaming up for a new series that could be as amazing as it is crazy. Here's what's happening.

Will Fargo Season 4 Happen? Here's The Latest

The Season 3 finale of Fargo has officially aired, but we haven't known whether or not a Season 4 will happen. Creator Noah Hawley has an update for us.

Will Fargo End With Season 3? Here's What The Showrunner Said

With the Season 3 finale of Fargo just a couple weeks away, fans are undoubtedly wondering what showrunner Noah Hawley has in store for Season 4. Hawley updated fans on the status of Season 4, and what's going on.

Fargo Season 3 Review: FX's Quirky Crime Drama Doubles The Ewan McGregor, Doubles The Fun

Fargo is back for another wild and suspenseful season of high stakes crime and small town personalities. And it is as good as we could have hoped.

7 Television Shows Better Than The Films They Are Based On

TV is never free from shows based on hit movies from yesteryear, and we've pulled together seven small screen adaptations that totally out-do their big screen counterparts.

Ewan McGregor Is Bald And Unrecognizable In New Fargo Season 3 Footage

Fargo is soon to return to the airwaves with Ewan McGregor as star. New footage of McGregor has hit the web, and he definitely has a different look. Check it out!

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons Are Getting Married

Kirsten Dunst recently got engaged to her former Fargo costar Jesse Plemons.

A Harry Potter Star Just Joined Fargo Season 3

Set in 2010, Season 3 will be led by Ewan McGregor in the actor's first big U.S. TV role, and it so happens he'll be joined by a very familiar Harry Potter star.

Fargo Season 3 Just Cast A Horror Star In A Major Role, Get The Details

Fargo Season 3 is shaping up to have as great a cast as the other seasons. Check out the awesome actor who will be joining the polite drama in Season 3.

13 Weird And Wonderful Shows To Watch While We Wait For More Stranger Things

If you're like so many others out there, you have already binge-watched the entire first season of Netflix's must-watch horror thriller Stranger Things. While we wait for news on Season 2, here are 13 weird and awesome shows to catch up with.

6 Movies From 1996 That Should Have Gotten Sequels Instead Of Independence Day

Just because a movie's celebrating a milestone doesn't always mean it deserves a follow up. In fact, when combing over the box office results of 1996, we found six movies we wish were getting a Part Two instead of Resurgence.

Ewan McGregor Just Landed His First Major TV Role In The U.S., And It Sounds Bonkers

Recent years have seen waves of actors and actresses making the jump from the big screen to TV for big roles, and Ewan McGregor is joining that club for an intriguing role. Or roles.

What The Coen Brothers Think Of Fargo, The TV Show

Fargo has earned plenty of acclaim during its first two seasons on the air. Fargo's second season, in fact, earned Golden Globes nods and more. But that doesn't mean everyone is interested in the FX drama.

Every Coen Brothers Movie, Ranked

My version of Sophie's Choice. Here's an attempt to rank every single Coen Brothers film. I apologize in advance.

The 10 Greatest Coen Brothers Characters, Ranked

Only picking 10 great characters from Coen Brothers movies is like picking your favorite child, which is to say, you have one, but it changes often, mostly depending on your own mood.

When Fargo Season 3 Will Take Place

While we may have an excruciatingly long wait until FX’s Fargo returns for its new season, a key detail about the next volume in what is easily one of TV’s best drama has emerged, courtesy of FX’s presence at the Television Critics Association this week. Season 2 of Fargo took us even further back in time to tell the story of the Sioux Falls Massacre.

16 Biggest WTF Moments Of The 2015 TV Season

While it would have been impossible to include every WTF moment that passed in front of our eyes this year, here are the 16 most bonkers surprises, twists, deaths and all around oddities that TV gave us in 2015.

The Top 10 Shows Of 2015, According To Jessica

Every year around this time, we put together a list of the top shows we feel really pushed above and beyond and had a year for the ages. Among them is a a series that is quietly thoughtful, a few fantasy dramas with beautiful costumes and one USA series with one of the tightest first seasons I’ve ever seen.

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