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What The Forgetting Sarah Marshall Cast Is Up To Now

Here's what the cast of 2008's comedy smash, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is doing now, including Jason Segel.

What To Watch On Streaming If You Like Jason Segel

Now that Freaks and Geeks is (finally) available on Hulu, here are a few other Jason Segel titles you can stream right now!

Charlie Hunnam Explains Why He Bailed On Forgetting Sarah Marshall

That movie would have been much different with Charlie Hunnam.

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Marriage Story And 11 Other Great Breakup Movies Available Streaming

There's never a bad time to watch a great breakup movie.

18 Great Movies To Stream On Peacock

There are many great, even classic movies available to stream on Peacock. Here are just some worth seeking out.

All Of Kristen Bell's Best Characters, Ranked

Kristen Bell has created memorable television and movie characters, but which ones are the best? Let's discuss!

Jason Segel Reveals The Best Advice Judd Apatow Ever Gave Him

Judd Apatow really helped Jason Segel early on his acting career.

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12 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In March

Netflix wants to make your March something special, and these 12 upcoming additions to their movie library prove it!

The Incredibly Strange Rules The MPAA Has About Penises, According To Nicholas Stoller

Anyone who follows movies with any kind of regularity knows that the MPAA has some oddly specific qualifications when it comes to rating theatrically released films. For example, it turns out that they have some very strange rules when it comes to penises – from how they are allowed to be moved around on screen to when and how they can be shown as being… excited.

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Jason Segal's Mom Cried When She Saw His Penis In Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Past the age of ten or so, most of us aren’t super comfortable when it comes to nudity and our parents, nor are our parents super comfortable with nudity and us. There shouldn’t be anything weird about it, but for most of us, there just is, as Jason Segal’s mother proved when she watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and started crying.

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Meryl Streep Playing The Butler In Russell Brand's Arthur Remake?

Let's pretend for a moment, though, that it's real. This could possibly be the most unlikely pairing Hollywood has seen since Jean Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodman starred opposite each other, but with the caliber of the just these two actors

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Watch Jason Segel Perform Sarah Marshall's Vampire Rock Opera Live!

If you’ve seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall then you know that the best thing in, what is easily one of the best movies of the past few years, is Jason Segel’s brilliantly performed, all-puppet vampire rock opera at the end of the film

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