Harrison Ford Rebuffed Rumors He Didn’t Know Who Jason Segel Was, And His Reaction To Forgetting Sarah Marshall Is Not What I Expected

Harrison Ford can be a bit gruff at times, but the man has never been anything less than sharp on his press tours. The blockbuster actor who’s bringing his legendary character back to theaters in the 2023 new movie release Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny has shown that skill off yet again in a recent late night interview. Not only did Ford rebuff rumors that he didn’t know who Jason Segel was, he did so with a rather interesting and unexpected reaction to the man’s role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

While promoting his new Apple TV+ show Shrinking, Ford appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and addressed a headline that stated he didn’t know who his series co-star was. Flatly denying that claim, the man went on to name two movies of Jason Segel’s that he enjoyed, along with a compliment that will be remembered for some time to come:  

Not true. I knew who he was. I had seen a couple of films that he was in. I’d seen at least some of Forgetting Sarah Marshall… and I had also seen another film he did that was really fantastic, called The End of the Tour, which is really beautiful. He’s a very talented guy. So I watched Sarah Marshall again. I thought it was really fantastic. The producer asked me what I thought and I said, ‘Nice penis.’

Frankly, if anyone didn’t think that Harrison Ford was ready to work with Jason Segel at that point, they clearly don’t know the man. While Ford certainly had Shrinking questions that needed to be answered, who he was performing with wasn’t one of them, especially after revisiting that infamous opening break-up scene where Segel has an emotional breakdown in the buff. 

While one of Kristen Bell's best characters dumps Jason Segel's Peter towards the beginning of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the scene had certainly left an impression on audiences all over. Not only was it a humorous moment based on a true moment in Segel's own history, but seeing him play out what could have been a standard scene of heartbreak through a nude performance only made the moment even more memorable.

Yes, it’s a story that seems too good to be true, especially with the wry wit of the Star Wars legend being what it is. Which is why it’s important to actually watch Harrison Ford talk to Stephen Colbert about Jason Segel’s penis, thanks to the clip below:

Just as some would look at Indiana Jones 5’s deaging and be impressed, Mr. Ford has seen his current co-star’s nude physique, as well as his acting range, and approves of both. Jason Segel is probably still blushing from this revelation, while at the same time taking pride in getting Harrison Ford to compliment him in such a crazy way on late night television. It’s good publicity at its finest and could make for an interesting second season, provided Shrinking is renewed for such an honor.

Harrison Ford fans have a lot to look forward to in 2023. Currently, he can be seen as part of the cast of Shrinking, which is available to stream for those with an Apple TV+ subscription. As for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the next and final chapter of Ford’s blockbuster saga will debut in theaters on June 30th. 

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