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Netflix Apparently Lost A Ton Of Money Over Kevin Spacey

It sounds like the recent Kevin Spacey controversy may have caused Netflix to lose a ton of money. Here's what we know about the situation.

How House Of Cards Season 6 Is Moving Forward At Netflix

Those thinking House of Cards wouldn't return can stop worrying, although there's one disappointing change coming.

House Of Cards' Season 6 Hiatus Will Last Longer Than Expected

House of Cards has not yet resumed its Season 6 production following the Kevin Spacey scandal, and it'll be just a bit longer before it does.

Taking Kevin Spacey Off Of House Of Cards May Be Really Complicated For Netflix

Netflix may have made an error in booting Kevin Spacey from House of Cards so quickly.

When Decisions Will Probably Be Made About The Future Of House Of Cards

Nobody is quite sure what's going to happen with House of Cards, but it looks like we won't have to wait long to learn the fate of the show.

Netflix Cuts Ties With Kevin Spacey, Here’s What It Means For House Of Cards

Now that Netflix and Kevin Spacey have parted ways, what's next for House of Cards?

House Of Cards Season 6 Not Likely As Production Is Suspended Indefinitely

Netflix is putting the brakes on its flagship original series.

How Netflix Plans To Keep House Of Cards' Universe Alive Without Kevin Spacey

Netflix may have decided to end House of Cards in the aftermath of Kevin Spacey's sexual assault allegations, but the story may not be over.

House Of Cards Is Ending After Season 6 On Netflix

House of Cards is arguably the show that really put Netflix on the map with original series. Now, the show is officially coming to an end.

The Baby Driver Scene Kevin Spacey Had To Film On The House Of Cards Set

It turns out that Kevin Spacey actually filmed one of his coolest Baby Driver scenes while on the set of House of Cards. Here's what we know.

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Watch Jerry Seinfeld Perform For Frank And Claire Underwood In Uncomfortably Hilarious Netflix Promo

Jerry Seinfeld performing his stand-up comedy routine in the House of Cards Oval Office is every bit as awkward (and hilarious) as you would expect.

Why Netflix's CEO Thinks More Netflix Shows Should Be Cancelled

Now it appears that Netflix actually wants to trim the fat of their original programming, and cancel the shows that are less viral or critically acclaimed.

The 7 Most Savage Moments In House Of Cards Season 5

Season 5 is House of Cards may be the most insane and violent season yet. After you've binge watched the series, check out the season's most savage moments. SPOILERS AHEAD.

House Of Cards Got All Too Real When Frank Underwood Showed Up On The D.C. Metro

Imagine you're on your way to work minding your own business on the D.C. Metro when, out of nowhere, the President shows up on your train! Well, Kevin Spacey's version of the POTUS, anyway.

Why House Of Cards Season 5 Worked After Losing Its Creator, According To Neve Campbell

Netflix's pride and joy House of Cards lost its showrunner and creator Beau Willimon after Season 4, so skeptics feared for the future of the political drama. But according cast member Neve Campbell, those worries are for naught.

Why House Of Cards Will Provide An Escape From Political Headlines, According To Neve Campbell

With America still clashing over the real life Presidential Election and administration change, some critics worry that the show won't be as enjoyable. But Neve Campbell has another idea.

The 13 Most Popular Netflix TV Shows, According To Twitter

One company has produced a study tallying the most popular Netflix shows according to Twitter, and there are definitely some surprises here.

2017 Summer TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows

With only a couple of months left to go before our favorite TV shows head into their yearly hiatuses, we have a rundown of everything coming to your TVs this summer. Check it out!

Best Netflix TV Shows, Ranked

I could spend a while talking about all the ways in which Netflix is a powerhouse of entertainment, so here's a list of the best original series that Netflix has to offer.

The Big Winner From Today's 2016 Emmy Nominations

Every year brings the announcement of the latest batch of Emmy Award nominees, and while we can make the sportsman's claim that all nominees are winners in a way, there was one really obvious victor by the time all was said and done.

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