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10 Great Family-Friendly Shows On Netflix

Netflix has plenty of great shows to offer, but it can be rough to find series that work for the whole family. Luckily, there are some family-friendly gems in the massive Netflix library with something to offer for everybody. Here is a look at ten of the best for young and old to enjoy.

Lord Of The Rings Writer Taking On Merlin For Massive Saga Of Films

If you were going to create a checklist for how to make a current Hollywood blockbuster there are a few things you want to be sure were on it. Disney just checked off all their boxes.

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Merlin Writers To Bring Atlantis To BBC One This Fall

It's always bittersweet when a beloved series comes to an end. On one hand, if it's a pre-planned conclusion, fans are treated with whatever closure and story-wrap-up the writers have had in mind for the project. But on the other hand, the show's over. The bright side to that second hand is that it frees the writers to pursue other projects, and a whole new story can begin. Such is the case for the writing team behind BBC's Merlin, who are now collaborating on a new fantasy project, Atlantis.

Syfy's Winter Slate Includes Merlin, Being Human And New Programming

Syfy is going hard and heavy with its winter programming slate. The network will introduce several new programs—mostly lower budget reality fodder—and will also be bringing back a slew of old favorites in January and February, as well as Haunted Collector, which will hit the schedule in March.

Merlin To End With Season 5

It's bad news for Merlin fans. The series, which is loosely based on the legend of King Arthur is drawing to a close. After five seasons, the series' fifth, which is currently airing in the U.K., will be its last. The fifth season of the series is set to premiere on Syfy early next year.

Merlin's Santiago Cabrera To Guest Star On Dexter For Season 7

Showtime has already begun teasing the upcoming seventh season of their popular serial killer drama Dexter, and last week, we got our first good look at the season premiere, with a video that debuted at Comic Con showing us the two minutes or so that followed the scene that closed out Season 6. After a couple of vague teasers, this video delivered the goods… and then left us hanging again.

Merlin Comic Con 2012 Panel Highlights Include Hints About Series 5 And A Returning Character

It's the last day of Comic-Con and among the final panels set up here in San Diego is one showcasing BBC's Merlin. Some interesting tidbits about the upcoming fifth season of Merlin were shared at the event, including the return of a very familiar face, and some hints about what's coming up for Season 5.

Merlin Comic Con Panel Details Announced

With its fifth season slated to debut in the U.K. this fall, Merlin fans are likely eager to see what's next for the fantasy series, which airs on Syfy stateside. Those fans who attend Comic Con in San Diego next month will have the opportunity to see some of the stars of the series. It was announced today that Merlin will be returning to SDCC for a panel.

Merlin Preview: Gwaine

Danger lies ahead, as I suspect is often the case for Merlin and Arthur. We have some details on the next “new” episode of Merlin set to air on Syfy this Friday.

Merlin Preview: Goblin's Gold

Goblin possession can be a tricky matter, or so it would seem based on the what Merlin’s set to face in this week’s episode of Merlin. We have a clip from the episode and some details for those of you who are planning to tune in to check it out this Friday on Syfy.

Merlin Preview: Sneak A Peek At The Season 3 Premiere

Merlin is set to return for its third season tomorrow night and in celebration, we have a sneak peek from the premiere episode, which will throw you right into the action.

Modern Day Merlin Movie In The Works

When I was a kid, NBC aired a three-part mini-series called Merlin, starring Sam Neill. While I can barely remember any distinct details from the series (I was only 11 and I haven't seen it since), I do

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Merlin Preview: The Fires Of Idirsholas

If you’ve been keeping up with the fantasy/drama seriesMerlin on Syfy, we have a clip from this Friday night’s episode, titled “The Fires of Idirsholas” to share with you!

Merlin Will Return To The US On A New Network

Those of us who did bother to watch NBC's broadcast of the British Merlin series have been left hanging in limbo since it ended its run. The second series ran in late 2009 in the UK, and still no one knew when and if it might air in the US. Syfy now has the answer, as they've picked up the show and will broadcast both series starting March 2010

NBC Announces Its Summer Schedule

NBC has revealed its summer lineup, and the shows aren’t all mediocre reality programs like America’s Got Talent. This summer will see the previously mentioned Great American Road Trip as well as scripted shows like Philanthropist, Merlin, The Meteor and The Listener.

New NBC Series: Merlin - Winter 2009

I love the fantasy genre, whether it is Harry Potter, or less well known fiction, it is nice to escape our world for awhile. Since I had three kids in four years, I’ve not read much, so I am really missing that escape. Thank goodness, NBC is tapping this market that is generally avoided. Merlin will air on Sunday's at 8pm after the football season is over.

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