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Old School Cast: What The Comedy Actors Are Doing Now, Including Will Ferrell
Old School, Legally Blonde And 10 Other College Movies And Where To Watch Them

These are the college movies for you to watch and live vicariously through, from Legally Blonde to Animal House.

The Now-Hilarious Concern The Studio Had When Vince Vaughn Signed On For Old School

They weren't sure about casting Vince Vaughn for his role in Old School.

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Will Ferrell Reveals Unsuspecting Gymgoers Got An Eyeful During His Old School Streaking Scene

Through the quad, past the gymnasium, and into the world's hearts.

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The 10 Funniest Will Ferrell Movies, Ranked

Will Ferrell has more than a few memorable comedies, here are 10 of his funniest movies.

14 Fictional Movie Locations We'd Love To Visit

You've got a round trip ticket into the magical world of the movies, so where are you going?

Vince Vaughn Only Plays 5 Different Characters

If you've seen one Vince Vaughn role... there's only four left.

The 6 Best Will Ferrell Movies, And The 3 Worst

Will Ferrell is one of the premiere comedic actors in Hollywood today, but he's also had some colossal bumps in the road that really didn't use him well, or were just plain bad movies. Here are his 6 best and his three worst over the last couple of decades.

Why Todd Phillips’ Movies Have Gotten Progressively Darker Over The Years

If you've been paying attention to the career trajectory of director Todd Phillips, you've probably noticed a certain pattern in his work -- with his early movies being much lighter than his darker more recent work.

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The 15 Best Party School Movies, According To Fandango

Check out Fandango's list of the 15 "best party school movies" to cure your late summer blues and get excited for the school year.

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Rainbow Moon Video Depicts A Nostalgic, Isometric RPG For PS3

A new video walkthrough of Rainbow Moon -- an exclusive PS3 RPG that will arrive on the PlayStation Store this summer -- shows off some brand new gameplay of the isometric RPG, as well as a brief summary of the story, the combat and the hardcore gameplay mechanics.

Old School Cast To Reunite For SpikeTV's Guys Choice Awards

The SpikeTV Guys Choice may not be the most prestigious awards ceremony but they do offer a celebrity filled night more enjoyable than most of the other notoriously long and stuffy affairs. The network announced that Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum and Andy Samberg would be appearing at this year's event, however, the most exciting news has to be SpikeTV's choice for the next inductee into the Guys Choice "Guy Movie Hall of Fame."

Don't Give Up On Old School 2, Says Vince Vaughn

Stars make vague promises all the time about being in potential sequels that will never actually happen, but mentioning that a script exists is much rarer. I'd still put even money on Old School 2 never happening

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