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These 20 Films Are Up For The Best Animated Picture Oscar

Such a long list of animated features might seem intimidating. But let's break it down so you can be as informed as a member of the Academy.

This Week In Home Entertainment: Hell On Wheels And More

Apparently, lead actor Anson Mount grew up a pretty big Charlie Daniels fan. So, one time he randomly tweeted about him. Turns out Charlie Daniels was a huge fan of Hell On Wheels; so, they started communicating back and forth. Eventually, Daniels volunteered to write a song for the show in exchange for one round of golf, which is badass.

The Blue Macaw Who Inspired Rio Has Died With No Offspring

In the 2011 film Rio, a male blue macaw – one of the most endangered species on Earth – is discovered living in Minnesota and is flown all the way down to Rio de Janeiro in the hopes that he can help repopulate the species with a female blue macaw. The story has a happy ending, as Blu and Jewel wind up living happily ever after with three children. Keep those cheery memories in mind as you read the next few paragraphs, because I’m about to lay some unfortunate “real world” on you.

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Rio 3: The Cast Tells Us Where They Want To Go In A Sequel

Does this mean that Rio 3 is inevitable? Probably. Director Carlos Saldanha has dabbled in sequels over the years, having helmed three Ice Age movies and a second Rio film.

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Weekend Box Office: Winter Soldiers Holds Top Spot Against Rio 2 And Oculus

After a competition-free opening last weekend, Captain America: The Winter Soldier managed to hold on to the number one spot yet again with three newcomers encroaching on its audiences.

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Now Streaming: Netflix Instant Alternatives To Oculus, Under The Skin, And Rio 2

Looking to Oculus, Under The Skin and Rio 2 for inspiration, we've pulled together a selection of female-fronted horror, mind-bending science fiction, and high-flying animated adventures.

To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Rio 2 Ticket

Our theatrical review will weigh in on whether or not this new release is worth your time, while this column will focus solely on the film's use of 3D. Considering seven separate categories, To 3D Or Not To 3D evaluates the full scope of the 3D viewing experience. Think of it as a consumer's guide for your movie-going, complete with a viewers poll where you can weigh in on how you plan to see Rio 2.

Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx And The Rio 2 Cast Tell Us Which Soundtracks They Grew Up On

I traveled to Miami to attend the world premiere of Rio 2 and sit down with the cast. We’ll have coverage on the sequel for the rest of the week, but I wanted to start with a question I posed each celeb: Which movie soundtrack did you wear out as a kid because it reminded you of a beloved movie?

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Draft Day, Oculus and Rio 2 Reviews

Spring has sprung. Time to get outside and frolic. That is right after you check out some of the movies we’ve got going this week. It’s the NFL Draft, haunted mirrors and a return to Rio.

April Movie Preview: Captain America, Johnny Depp And Nicolas Cage's Beard Save Cinema

No fooling, cinema-goers, April is the first month of 2014 that is absolutely stocked to the gills with (hopefully) quality movies in every genre imaginable. I mean, we know some of these movies are going to stink, but the ratio of success to failure will likely be in our favor.

Rio 2 Actually Broke A World Record At Its Miami Premiere

According to reports, Rio 2 “danced into history after completing a successful [Guinness] official attempt at the largest Samba party on March 21, 2014.”

Rio 2 Trailer Shows Off Excellent Visuals And A Familiar Storyline

On the one hand, it starts off with one of the more gorgeous animated crowd shots that I’ve ever seen, and those pristine visuals look like they will be present throughout the whole movie. But on the other hand, it looks like a watered down retread of the first film, which is what a lot of animated sequels tend to be anyway. And I really wasn’t all that impressed with Rio‘s story to begin with.

Rio 2 Adds Bruno Mars, Kristin Chenoweth To Voice Cast

Andy Garcia, Bruno Mars and Broadway superstar Kristin Chenoweth (who’ll join Seth MacFarlane to close the Oscars on Sunday) are the first new names added to the vocal cast for the animated sequel Rio 2.

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