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The Extreme Way Quentin Tarantino Is Preventing Another Hateful Eight Script Leak

Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight almost didn't happen due to a script leak earlier this year - so now that the famed writer/director has finished working on his latest draft, he's going to some extreme lengths to make sure that it doesn't get leaked again.

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Marco Polo Series Has Begun Production, Netflix Targeting A Late 2014 Premiere

When it comes to their original series, Netflix doesn't seem to want to be associated with any one specific genre. Tackling politics with House of Cards, supernatural drama with Hemlock Grove and prison drama with Orange is the New Black, the streaming video service seems to favor variety among its dramas.

Amanda Seyfried's Lovelace Hit With Lawsuit From Deep Throat Porn Producers

Based on what they put in this brief, they've got a fair case to make. Arrow claims that they have allowed other productions to license Deep Throat in the past, but seem to take special exception with Lovelace, which shows how Linda was threatened by her husband Chuck Traynor (played by Peter Sarsgaard) during the film's production, and later came to regret making the film at all

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The Weinsteins Think Americans Are Too Dumb For Bong Joon-ho's Version Of Snowpiercer

Beyond smashing Korean box office records, Snowpiercer has received very positive early reviews from outlets like TwitchFilm, The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety - all of which are run by non-invalid English-speaking people – yet TWC wants to butcher 20 minutes from the film, knocking its story-heavy 126 minute runtime down to a more action-oriented 106 mins.

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The Butler Fight Now Somehow Involves The Hobbit

Before we get into the latest chapter of the insane fight between Warner Bros. and The Weinstein Company over the movie that may or may not wind up being called The Butler, let's look at this newly released clip from the film, which debuted at Moviefone. It's our first look at Oprah Winfrey truly in action in the film

Wait, Is Warner Bros. Actually Right In The Fight Over The Butler's Title?

A very interesting detail to come from this was that TWC’s attempted registration of Lee Daniels’ The Butler was actually accepted by the MPAA and drew no ire from Warner, yet TWC chose to brush aside those results and continue without the director’s name attached.

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The Fight Over The Butler's Title Now Includes A Lawyer Fresh From The Supreme Court

Movie studios and executives go to war with each other all the time, but we rarely get wind of it. Few moviegoers care when a certain exec is fired or replaced with another, when one studio gets the rights to a hotly contested book adaptations instead of another, or even when two studios team up to get a movie made and then fight over the profits-- that's how the Hollywood sausage gets made, and it rarely affects what you actually see in theaters

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Sequel Is Really Happening, And Michelle Yeoh Is Back

Even with The Hangover Part III and Fast and Furious 6 making their way to theaters next weekend, this might be the most ridiculous sequel news we've heard all year. Without director Ang Lee or nearly all of the original cast, the Weinstein Company is moving forward with a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the Oscar-nominated, fantastical martial arts drama released all the way back in 2000

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Nicole Kidman's Grace Of Monaco Gets Oscar-Friendly Release Date

Olivier Dahan's Grace Kelly biopic, which casts Nicole Kidman in the title role, will arrive in select theaters on Dec. 27, putting it right in the wheelhouse of when movies with Academy Award aspirations are supposed to start screening for critics and guild organizations.

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Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Snags The Weinstein Company For Distribution

Though mostly known for producing movies with adult themes, most recently showcased in films such as Silver Linings Playbook and Inglourious Basterds, the Weinstein Company is adding some young adult fare into its upcoming slate of productions. Not only that, but it’s got vampires in it

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Bradley Cooper Could Heat Up The Kitchen In Weinstein's Chef

Chef also would reunite Cooper with Derek Cianfrance, his The Place Beyond the Pines director who has been hired to helm this comedy. Cooper would play a disgraced chef who must rebound after losing his top-rated Parisian restaurant. He attempts to open the most-popular eatery in London, probably with disasterous results.

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How Starbucks Saved My Life Memoir Getting The Film Treatment

In 2007 Michael Gates Gill published a memoir titled How Starbucks Saved My Life. In the story he recounts his life in his fifties - a nice house, loving family and a great job - and his terrible downfall in his sixties - when he lost his great job, had an affair that cost him his marriage, learned that he had a tumor in his brain and discovered that the woman he was sleeping with was pregnant.

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Dark Knight Rises Will Be PG-13 And That's Bad For Movies

Everyone remembers The Dark Knight as a violent, dark movie, but few recall it was PG-13. I do because I vividly remember the hoards of children—not teens and tweens mind you, but little waddling children—who shared the theater with me when I saw it

MPAA Gives Bully Sought After PG-13 Rating

In the end, it wasn't the big names who attested to the film's powerful message, or the high schooler-started petition that went viral, or even Weinstein's threats to reject the MPAA's traditional but not required approval that caused Bully's rating change. After all of that, it was a new edit of the film that trimmed out three uses of the word "fuck." But don't misunderstand me, without all that came before it's unlikely even this would have satisfied the mysterious members of the MPAA.

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Bridesmaids Director Paul Feig May Go For Oscar Bait With Colin Firth

Based on Philippe Pozzo di Borgo's heartwarming memoir Le Second Souffle, TWC's Untouchable centers on an affluent aristocrat whose adventurous life changes dramatically following a crippling paragliding accident. Now quadriplegic and deeply depressed, he unleashes his frustration upon a string of caretakers until he meets one—a fiery Algerian immigrant—who refuses to suffer such abuse.

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Halloween 3D Release Delayed Again, Maybe Canceled Entirely?

To be fair, the October release didn't seem likely, given that the film has yet to go into production. Ever since the delay back in 2009 the only word we heard about the project was Halloween II star Scout Taylor-Compton sounding pretty uninterested in returning for the third film

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Bully Theatrical Trailer Demands Revolution

The Weinstein Company is stepping up promotion for the heralded documentary Bully with a trailer that touts the film's call for widespread change. Sure, bullying is something every kid endures, something many people see as a necessary part of growing up. However, what filmmakers Vic Alarcon and Lee Hirsch posit is that bullying today has gone to a crueler extreme that's leading to shocking violence and even suicide.

Bully Gets R-Rating Prompts Weinstein Rebellion

The MPAA, the organization that defines movie ratings, has deemed Bully worthy of an R-rating, which would largely discourage if not bar school children from seeing the doc that was made to educate them about the dangerous consequences of bullying. The MPAA has cited concerns over "some language" to explain their decision, but it's likely the very words they object to having children hear, are the same offensive words being hurled daily by children and at children across the country…

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Netflix Makes Deal With The Weinstein Company To Stream Movies Before They Go To Pay TV

Back in September Netflix completed a major deal with DreamWorks Animation. For years the studio had a deal with HBO in which the network would get first run of all of DreamWorks Animation films starting in 2013. It was the first time in history that a studio decided to go with an internet streaming service over a pay-TV station, and it was predicted back then that other companies could make similar deals.

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August: Osage County Movie Finally Ready To Shoot This Fall

Letts has turned in his script, and while many playwrights turned screenwriters often need a collaborator to polish their draft into something shoot-worthy, an insider at the Weinstein Co. insist Letts draft is nearly ready to go into production. The question now is when. That decision is almost entirely dependent on the two major stars August: Osage County has attached: the always in-demand Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts ...

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