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The Best Richard Dreyfuss Movies And How To Watch Them

From horror classics like Jaws to buddy cop comedies like Stakeout, these are a few of the best Richard Dreyfuss movies.

10 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In May

Just as quickly as we say hello to the new offerings Netflix has to offer, we also find ourselves having to say goodbye to those that are leaving in the coming month of May. Adjust your calendars with this list of outgoing Netflix titles, and start watching.

Scientology And The Aftermath's Leah Remini Just Landed A New TV Comedy

Leah Remini is stepping back into TV with a pilot based off a popular 90s film.

Bill Murray's 10 Funniest Roles, Ranked

Bill Murray is a comedic genius. And with another hilarious role on the way, let's take a moment to celebrate this fact by reminiscing about the 10 funniest roles of his career.

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