May brings a wealth of big ticket favorites to Netflix's streaming side, but with it comes the usual booting of titles that are at the end of their current lifespans. Last month saw some favorites leaving the pack, and believe it or not, there's even more deep cuts on this month's chopping block that we kind of forgot were in the library to begin with.

If you're like us, you're going to want to say goodbye to some of these movies with a final watch through. Or maybe you missed them the first time around, and always wanted to experience them for yourself. Either way, here's your homework for the month of May, as the following movies are about to disappear.

The Jurassic Park Series

All three dino-tastic entries of the storied blockbuster franchise are about to become extinct yet again. While you're probably only interested in Jurassic Park, might we recommend at least revisiting The Lost World, just to give it another shot? Jurassic Park III can't leave fast enough, but if you're curious, have some friends over and take the journey with some quick witted barbs along the way. Afterwards, you should probably watch the first flick again, as it really does hold up to modern standards.

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