Bill Murray is a bona-fide legend. Simply mentioning his name is enough to make anyone who has ever seen one of his films break out into an impassioned smile. Even the people who have seen Garfield. 

While over the last few years Murray has turned himself into a refined, dramatic leading man with his turns in Lost In Translation, Broken Flowers, and Hyde Park On Hudson, it’s comedy where he originally won all of our hearts. 

But when and where has Bill Murray been at his most amusing? Well, to celebrate the release of Rock The Kasbah, here’s a look at Bill Murray’s funniest roles. 

10. Space Jam
Bill Murray just about steals Space Jam from Daffy Duck, Michael Jordan, and Babs and Bugs Bunny, popping up and providing laughs at every possible opportunity. The proud Chicagoan wasn’t going to miss the chance to star alongside the Windy City’s most famous sporting son, and it’s clear that he had a great time while doing so. Murray also gives Space Jam an edge of chic and cool, while the quip, "I didn’t know Dan Aykroyd was in this picture?" when Murray walks on court is still one of my favorite all time movie lines.

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