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Elle Fanning may be a celebrity in her own right, but when it comes to running into other A-listers, she's just like the rest of us! The actress had a total fangirl moment when she found out that Channing Tatum was sitting next to her at a concert, and she even snuck a blurry selfie to prove it.

Elle Fanning told her all-too-relatable fangirl story on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night. Back in September, Fanning went to the Beyoncé concert in Los Angeles with one of her friends, and after they got back to their seats from a concession stand trip, they noticed that a family had filled the chairs immediately next to them. Fanning admits she didn't recognize Channing Tatum, and was actually teasing her friend about having to sit next to some random dad until they both realized that it was Magic Mike himself. Listen to Fanning tell the whole story below.

After it sunk in that Elle Fanning and her friend were sitting directly next to Channing Tatum, she said that they talked for a little, but she couldn't bring herself to ask for the picture with him that she so desperately wanted. So what does she do instead? In classic social media move, Fanning got someone to snap a photo of her and her friend, and told them to make sure to get Tatum in the background as well. The result is a hilarious blurry picture of the two women with a completely oblivious Channing Tatum who was focused only on Beyoncé.

Check out Elle Fanning's creeper Channing Tatum photo for yourself below --- he's the glowing red blob with the hat and beard.

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And Channing Tatum isn't the only superstar that has driven Elle Fanning to transform into a sneaky paparazzi superfan. The actress also admitted to taking a lot of stealth snapshots of Survivor host Jeff Probst, whom she says frequents the Coffee Bean that she also goes to a lot. Apparently, the whole Fanning family is super into Survivor, and every time she sneaks another photo of Probst, she sends it to big sis Dakota Fanning and the rest of her fam in a group chat.

Apparently Fanning isn't just a last name for Elle; it's also a pretty constant practice of hers when running into other superstars!