4-Year-Old Denied Make-A-Wish Trip By Father Because She Beat Leukemia

Four-year-old McKenna May has spent more than half of her short life battling leukemia. She was first diagnosed at two and has since undergone numerous aggressive treatments to fight the disease. On the referral of her physician, the little girl was signed up for the Make-A-Wish program, and the charity quickly and generously granted her dream: a trip to Disney World.

Because of the severity of her condition, doctors asked the Foundation to wait until the latest round of treatments were over. Thankfully, the chemotherapy seems to have worked. Medical professionals won’t be able to call her cancer free for another five years, but for the time being, they’re hopeful she may have beaten it. To celebrate, the Make-A-Wish Foundation scheduled her trip to Disney World for August. Unfortunately, it now seems she won’t be able to go—not because of illness but because of a stubborn father who clearly doesn’t realize the charity’s basic goals.

According to The Washington Post, McKenna’s father, William May, won’t sign the paperwork allowing his daughter to go to Disney World because he thinks she’s not sick enough. He’s of the opinion trips should only be planned for kids who are about to die, and since his daughter doesn’t number among them, he thinks she should sit at home.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation requires signatures from both parents, provided they have visitation rights, and since William was recently granted the right to see his daughter, his approval is needed to make the trip happen. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the thumbs up is coming. Without any other options, the Foundation has been forced to cancel the girl’s trip.

In recent days, local businesses have decided to fight back with their wallets and donations are reportedly pouring in. Within the next week, McKenna and her mom expect to have enough money to make Disney happen, whether William approves or not. Here’s to hoping she gets to visit all the princesses she’s dreamed about.

Mack Rawden
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