Trying to keep track of Amanda Bynes’ imperfect driving record is becoming a task for only the most detail-oriented of celebrity lovers. Most people tuned into the celebrity gossip realm did hear about her first accident and near bout with a DUI charge after the former child celebrity ran into a parked police car, but things got a little hazier when she later was accused of not one, but two, hit-and-run accidents. If things keep up like this, the woman will have more points on her license than Lightning McQueen, which is why it is a bit surprising she was even on the road to commit her most recent driving accident.

If you did miss out on reading up on all of Bynes’ accidents, it’s perfectly alright, because now you can hear all about the her most recently reported hit-and-run. This time the Easy A actress reportedly ran into a Toyota Corolla in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. According to TMZ, the flustered actress hopped out of her BMW and tried to convince the woman they did not need to exchange information, because there was not much damage to the car.

According to photos also obtained by the outlet, the Corolla’s bumper was falling clean off of the vehicle, plus the woman is also claiming Bynes’ automobile was in much worse shape than the little Toyota. Before the woman could get the insurance information from L.A.’s poorest driver, the 26–year-old actress supposedly proceeded to pull the same card from her old book and ran away from the scene of the crime. If all the accident reports are true, Bynes has had pretty good luck running away from potential issues; however, if this really is accident number four in as many months, she’s asking for a lot of trouble when she does eventually get caught doing something unsavory.

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