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Earlier this week, Sally Blackman came forward with a frightening story. Her husband, a freelance producer on season twenty of The Amazing Race, and his assistant had been poisoned in Uganda. He was dead, and the assistant was in critical condition. A source close to the deceased pointed the finger at a gang of local toughs who supposedly tried to shakedown the pair for money, and when they were refused, responded by poisoning them.

Not surprisingly, news of the alarming murder was treated with shock and disappointment, but now authorities in Uganda are calling into question the basic story that’s been passed around. According to E! News, local police are convinced Rice died from an overdose of bad cocaine. In response, they’ve arrested the producer’s driver and are currently trying to discern who the source of the coke was. Ideally, they’d like to not only arrest the dealers but also keep the deadly batch from taking more lives.

The production assistant, Kathryn Fuller, has reportedly finally woken up, but she remains paralyzed on one side of her body and isn’t taking visitors. Once she opens up and begins talking, authorities should get a clearer sense of exactly what happened.

Regardless of how it went down, Pop Blend sends out its thoughts to Blackman, Rice’s young children and Fuller’s entire family. Whether they bought coke or not, their losses and injuries are still traumatic for those closest to them.

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